Road to HCPSN 2022: Getting to know the Javan Eagle, the Rare Ultimate Predator Animal of Fellow Birds and Sma

- Sabtu, 29 Oktober 2022 | 10:27 WIB

KABAR ALAM - Welcoming the commemoration of the 2022 National Animal and Love Puspa Day (HCPSN 2022), one of the animals that is always known for its rarity is the Javan Eagle (Nisaetus bartelsi).

Therefore, through the Decree of the President of the Republic of Indonesia (Keppres RI) No. 4 of 1993 concerning National Animals and Flowers, the Javan eagle is designated as the rare animal.

Quoting the page, the Javan eagle is one of the endemic species in Indonesia, to be precisely in the island of Java.

The distinctive feature of the Javan eagle is the crest on its head which protrudes about 12 cm. As a medium-sized eagle species, the Javan eagle has a body of 56-70 cm. With a wingspan of about 110-130 cm. The sound is high. His voice is almost similar to the Brontok Eagle species.

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Likewise, when flying, the Javan Eagle is similar to the Brontok Eagle. It's just that the color of the Javan eagle is more brownish.

The distribution of this bird is from the western end (Ujung Kulon National Park) to the eastern end (Blambangan Purwo Peninsula) of Java Island.

But this bird is limited to primary forest areas and transitional areas between lowlands and mountains. In other words, the Javanese eagle specializes in living in sloped areas.

As the bird of prey, the Javan eagle often perches on tall trees. This is done so that they can quickly monitor and attack prey. Not only small birds like punai and walik. This bird also preys on small mammals such as squirrels, civets, and even baby monkeys.

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The Javan eagle's egg-laying period itself is about 1-2 times a year, namely from January to June. This causes the existence of this bird to be rare. Primary forest is also decreasing, so the habitat of the Javan eagle is also decreasing.

In addition, humans also often hunt these animals for sale because their economic value is quite high. For some people, owning rare animals is a matter of pride.***

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