It is Revealed, Pineapple Leaves Can Be Used as Eco-Friendly Textile Materials with High Economic Value!

- Selasa, 25 Oktober 2022 | 09:15 WIB

KABAR ALAM - So far, Subang Regency, West Java, is identical with pineapples. This sweet-tasting fruit also brings prosperity to the farmers in Subang.

However, Do you know that it turns out that pineapple is not only the fruit that has economic value, but also the leaves. Don't you believe it?

It is PT Pertamina EP (PEP) Subang Field which is part of Zone 7 Subholding Upstream Regional Java together with the people of Cikadu Village, Cijambe District, Subang Regency trying to develop a pineapple leaf processing business into a high-value commodity.

The program entitled Utilization of Pineapple Leaf Fiber or nicknamed Pesona Subang which was inspired by the existence of pineapples which are the hallmark of Subang Regency.

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PEP Subang Field actually sees pineapple leaf fiber as a very good potential to be developed from this commodity. This part of the pineapple plant is often not used properly by farmers, even though the natural fiber it contains is of high economic value.

Pineapple leaf fiber can be processed into environmentally friendly textiles (green textiles), resin mixtures, and can also be used as paper materials.

The Pesona Subang Program supports the pineapple leaf fiber processing business that has been developed by the people of Cikadu Village, Cijambe District, Subang Regency. This program seeks to encourage the productive use of pineapple leaf waste through the extraction of pineapple leaf fiber.

This stems from the large amount of pineapple leaf waste that causes problems in the Subang pineapple farming area. It is hoped that the production of pineapple leaf fiber can be a solution to reduce waste while increasing the people's economy.

Subang Field Senior Manager, Ndirga Andri Sisworo said, Subang 's charm is the company's contribution to environmental conservation around its operational area.

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This program seeks to reduce the amount of pineapple leaf waste and then turn it into a natural fiber commodity that has high economic value. Both of these are expected to improve the quality of the environment as well as help increase the economic productivity of the residents.

An activist and beneficiary of the Pesona Subang program, Alan Sahroni admitted that he was happy to be involved in each of his activities.

"I am very grateful because with the Pesona program that we can get various facilitation, especially in improving HR skills through training activities, both technical and non-technical," he said as quoted by from Pertamina's official website.


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