Banda Neira, The Hidden Paradise in Eastern Indonesia

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One of the panoramic angles in Banda Neira ( (
One of the panoramic angles in Banda Neira ( (

KABAR ALAM - An internet citizen with the account @@chae*** admitted that he had lived for several months in Banda Neira, which is located in the Banda Islands, Banda District, Central Maluku Regency, Maluku.

So amazed by the beauty of the panorama, after the word " Banda Neira " went viral on social media, including Twitter, he called it "the hidden paradise in Eastern Indonesia ".

"Been there a few months ago, Banda Neira was so beautiful. Bali might be popular but Banda Neira is something, the hidden paradise in East Indonesia," he tweeted.

Indonesian Version: Banda Neira, Surga Tersembunyi di Indonesia Timur

Quoting Sri Rahayu Mansur's writing from the Kupang National Water Conservation Area, the Director General of Marine Spatial Management, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP), Banda Neira is a group of islands located 132 km southeast of Ambon.

In addition to the nutmeg trees that are often found on the islands of Banda Besar, Neira, and Hatta, which are excellent historical tourism potentials and agro-tourism, Banda Neira has an underwater charm that spoils the eyes of divers with the beauty of coral reefs and fish.

White sand beaches and crystal-clear waters are the perfect place for marine tourism enthusiasts. The Banda Marine Nature Reserve (CAL) which later turned into the Banda Sea Waters Tourism Park with an area of ​​2,500 hectares is known as a marine tourism location that is often visited.

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Some other tourist destinations that can be visited in Banda Neira are Belgica Fort, Nassau Fort, Neira Mini Palace, Banda Neira Cultural House, Bung Hatta Exile House, Lava Flow.

Talking about marine tourism is incomplete if you haven't reviewed the underwater beauty of the Banda Sea TWP. The clear water conditions make the divers feel at home to linger underwater exploring the Banda Sea TWP.

Almost all dive areas on Pisang Island, Wali Beach, Malole Beach, Tanjung Lonthoir Mangkobatu Beach have the charm and diversity of coral reefs and types of ornamental fish that really spoil the eyes of divers. Even once in a while, if lucky, divers can find stingrays, napoleons, turtles, sharks, bumpheads and barracudas.

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In addition, the various underwater contours ranging from flat, slove to drop off become a sensation for divers, both beginners and advanced levels.***

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